About Us

Welcome to Trust!
Trust started as a quest to improve my own heath, and then, with much encouragement from other women, friends and the health community, I launched Trust by Trudy.

I realisied I didnt have to suffer the effects of imbalanced hormones or the symptoms of menopause, and neither do you! With special care, proper nutritional support and a healthier lifestyle, we can support you in balancing and achieving hormonal harmony.

In the pursuit of sourcing supplements that I could Trust, I began to dream of developing a range of premium products, manufactured in small batches in New Zealand, that could support women with their physical, mental and hormonal health, the natural way.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

My quest to improve my physical, mental and hormonal health began in my teens. It was a chance meeting with an expert in supplementation, thirty years later, that would see my dream come to life; first, a possibility then, a reality. Together we discussed what could be achieved, researched scientific and peer-reviewed publications and, after several years of tireless hard work, a premium supplement range, underpinned by values that you can depend on, was realised - Trust by Trudy!

  • Authentic – we are interested in health over profit.
  • Transparent – our products are what they say they are.
  • Proud – we are proud to be 100% NZ owned.
  • Premium - we are committed to using raw, potent, natural herbs and the purest minerals and quality ingredients, both locally sourced and imported.

Ladies, you are worth it! Your family deserves the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Welcome to Trust. Welcome to the care that you deserve.

Your health, our priority.

Much love,